Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas

Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas

Bedroom paint colours are your most powerful way to influence the mood of the room. Putting some serious thought beforehand into what kind of “vibe” you want the room to put off can end up saving you a lot of time in the end.

 There are many bedroom paint ideas that can give you just the style you’re looking for. Once you find the perfect ideas for your home, consider hiring a contractor like Titan Contractors to do the job for you. Here are some fun paint colour schemes for the bedroom that are worth considering.

Try a multi tone approach when it comes to bedroom paint colour.

For a fun contrast with your bedroom painting colours, try using more than one hue of similar colours. For example, if you were to pick earthy browns, you could do 2 bedroom walls a darker brown colour and the other two a lighter tan. Top the bedroom paint scheme off with a bright white ceiling and you’ve got an easy sophisticated look. This bedroom paint idea can be put into play with virtually any colour variation out there and is easy to do.

Try painting only 2 of the bedroom walls a darker colour.

One of the bedroom paint colour ideas I appreciate is the understated effect of painting only one or two of the walls a drastic colour. If you use a bedroom paint colour through the whole room that is moderately subdued (i.e. white, tan, or the like) and then paint a wall or two something darker and more dramatic, you can pull a lot of colour into the room without it becoming overwhelming.

Try a bedroom paint accent border.

A fun bedroom paint colour idea that is good for modern style bedrooms is one that employs the mid-level border around the circumference of the room. First paint the bedroom the colours that you want the entire wall; the choose an accent colour to paint across the middle of all of the walls. You can see some nice colours at .

Add a splash of style with a painted wall mural stencil.

One of the fastest ways to bump up the interest of your bedroom paint colour idea is to add a wall mural. Wall stencils are easy to do and come in a wild range of themes and sizes. All you have to do is use bedroom paint to create a clean, fresh canvas, and then paint your design of choice over it using the stencil. This can be a great approach to take for bedroom paint when you have a large wall that you are otherwise not sure what to fill with.

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